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#122: Clarify explanation of TTB structure and project layout
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 Steve Stanley made some suggestions about the explanation of project roots
 and TTB layouts:

 To: svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
 From: Steve Stanley <w3steve at berkeley.edu>
 Subject: svnbook 1.4: inconsistent explanation of TTB directories?
 Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 09:39:21 -0700


 John Niven <jniven at bravurasolutions.com> suggested (in response to my
 post on the users at subversion list) that I write this list. (The
 pertinent part of the users digest follows these notes.)

 First of all, thanks for providing the online version of svnbook; it's
 insanely great!

 Second, I imagine I am stepping on the toes of the author of the
 "Recommended repository layout" chunk, but I respectfully submit:

 As a new Subversion administrator, I found the svnbook discussion of
 the TTB directories confusing.

 After reading the helpful replies from the users at subversion.tigris.org
 list, I think my problem is that the book seems to imply (in a few
 places) that the TTB directories are an attribute of the repository
 (and thus *created* by the administrator with svnadmin commands)
 whereas (as the replies indicate) the TTB dirs are *added* to the
 repository with svn commands (by administrators or users?).

 In this chapter:


 I now suggest changing the heading "Recommended repository layout" to
 "Recommended *project* layout" and likewise in the following
 paragraph, with the added code examples:

    While Subversion's flexibility allows you to layout your *project*
    in any way that you choose, we recommend that you create a trunk
    directory to hold the “main line” of development, a branches
    directory to contain branch copies, and a tags directory to contain
    tag copies, for example:

    $ mkdir mytree/trunk ; mkdir mytree/tags ; mkdir mytree/branches
    $ svn import mytree file:///usr/local/svn/repos
        ### (or svn mkdir ... svn ci, or svn mkdir URL ...) -ss
    $ svn list file:///usr/local/svn/repos

 Other sections where the svnadmin/svn distinction seems muddled:


 Here it's ambiguous:


 Here it's a lot clearer that the TTBs are created in the project:



 Steve Stanley

 His mail referred to a users@ mailing list thread which can be found at
 http://svn.haxx.se/users/archive-2008-06/0639.shtml .

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