[REVIEW] Chapter 9 : --reintegrate option

Karl Heinz Marbaise khmarbaise at gmx.de
Mon Jun 16 16:14:31 CDT 2008


i've found a little problem with the current implementation (RC11) with
the svn revert command.

svnsles9:/home/kama/testvc/book-trunk # svn revert --help
revert: Restore pristine working copy file (undo most local edits).
usage: revert PATH...

  Note:  this subcommand does not require network access, and resolves
  any conflicted states.  However, it does not restore removed directories.

Valid options:
  --targets ARG            : pass contents of file ARG as additional args
  -R [--recursive]         : descend recursively, same as --depth=infinity
  --depth ARG              : limit operation by depth ARG ('empty', 'files',
                            'immediates', or 'infinity')
  -q [--quiet]             : print nothing, or only summary information
  --changelist ARG         : operate only on members of changelist ARG
                             [aliases: --cl]

Global options:
  --username ARG           : specify a username ARG
  --password ARG           : specify a password ARG
  --no-auth-cache          : do not cache authentication tokens
  --non-interactive        : do no interactive prompting
  --config-dir ARG         : read user configuration files from
directory ARG

The -R option should be removed from the implementation of the svn
revert command....
and the abbreviation "-R" for --reintegrate should be mentioned in svn
merge command help message..

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise
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