SVN 1.5 Book [REVIEW] Chapter 5 | Section "Repository Replication"

Karl Heinz Marbaise khmarbaise at
Mon Jun 16 13:43:50 CDT 2008


I have found a little issue for the help message of the svnsync tool:

in the book it's written:

In Subversion 1.4, this is required—only full mirroring of repositories
is permitted. In Subversion 1.5, though, you can use svnsync to mirror
only some subtree of the repository, too.

But when I try to get the help message about the CLI:
svnsles9:~ # svnsync init --help
initialize (init): usage: svnsync initialize DEST_URL SOURCE_URL

Initialize a destination repository for synchronization from
another repository.

The destination URL must point to the root of a repository with
no committed revisions.  The destination repository must allow
revision property changes.
But this is not true, cause in SVN 1.5 you can use a subdirectory of the
source_url ...

So this should be put as a bug into the ISSUE data base ....

Created an Issue #3219 for this...

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