Book suggestion: mention the ssh ControlMaster feature

Wim Lewis wiml at
Wed Jul 2 02:08:26 CDT 2008

Chapter 6 (in svn.serverconfig.svnserve.sshauth) mentions a few ways  
to avoid the repeated prompting for passwords/passphrases/etc..

Some versions of ssh support a "ControlMaster" feature which lets you  
multiplex multiple shell connections over one SSH connection (along  
with the usual port-forwarding, X11, and authentication agent  
connections). Connections after the first not only don't need to  
prompt for a pass{word,phrase}, they also don't have to set up the  
SSH connection itself, which on a high-latency link can save a bit of  
time. I've been using this with svn for a while --- it complements  
the other auth. caching techniques well, but is also pretty handy by  

Anyway, since the book already talks about ssh strategies in some  
detail, I think it would be reasonable to have a couple of sentences  
pointing potentially interested users to the ControlMaster feature.

type: enhancement; priority: minor. :)

(I don't subscribe to the svnbook-dev list but I'll check the  
archives in a bit in case there's discussion.)

Wim Lewis / wiml at

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