[PATCH] Suggested change to svnadmin setrevprop summary

Wim Lewis wiml at hhhh.org
Wed Jul 2 01:35:51 CDT 2008

As I understand it the command really sets a (named) property on a  
revision, not the "property name" on a revision. (The first line of  
the description uses the same phrasing as the old refpurpose, but the  
<replaceable> markup makes all the difference in interpretation!)

I considered text like "Set a named property on a revision" but  
decided that that could cause confusion to a new reader about whether  
Subversion has both named and unnamed properties --- the command  
description makes it clear that properties do, in fact, have names.

Index: ch09-reference.xml
--- ch09-reference.xml  (revision 3188)
+++ ch09-reference.xml  (working copy)
@@ -6346,7 +6346,7 @@

            <refname>svnadmin setrevprop</refname>
-          <refpurpose>Set the property name on a revision.</refpurpose>
+          <refpurpose>Set a property on a revision.</refpurpose>

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