Status of 1.5 book

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Tue Jul 1 09:26:59 CDT 2008

> A "grep TODO" in the source directory uncovers some stuff like
> ch06-server-configuration.xml:  <!-- TODO(sussman):  this sidebar needs
> to be changed for svn 1.5,
> Not sure what is or isn't relevant for the O'Reilly book, but some of
> the TODOs look like they should be checked. (For example the one in
> Section "svn.preface.acks.fitz".)

Thanks for the scan, Malte.  I think almost all of the current TODOs are 
deferrable, though I agree that Fitz should check his acknowledgments and 
remove that one particular TODO comment.

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