svn status discussion in 1.5 book

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Sun Jan 27 13:25:44 CST 2008

Ron Crandall wrote:
>   Just after the location ...
> There is some text...
> Below are a few examples of the most common status codes that svn status can return. (Note that the text following # is not actually printed by
> svn status.)
> and the four examples are A, C, D, and M.  I think that adding
> ?  scratch.c  # file is not under version control
> would be helpful.
>   Justification... A little later in this same section where you are talking
> about "svn revert" you talk about a file (foo) that was added (with svn add foo)
> and reverted (with svn revert foo).  The status operations to show the state
> of this file use either "?" or " " depending on its state.

That's a good justification, but I think the fact that most folks probably 
see more ?'s than anything is a pretty good justification, too.

This suggestion gets my +1.

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