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SQLite?  Never heard of it.


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         different back-end data store.  We talk more about that later
         in this chapter.</para>
-      <note>
-        <para>Beginning in Subversion 1.5, repositories of both
-          back-end types also use SQLite (<ulink
-          url="http://sqlite.org/" />) databases to maintain redundant
-          indexes of certain bits of repository data.  This is done to
-          improve Subversion's performance.  The Subversion tool chain
-          doesn't expose—and really has no reason to
-          expose—this detail, so we suspect that Subversion
-          repository administrators shouldn't need to pay much
-          attention to it detail, either.  As such, we don't currently
-          have any practical administration tips for this bit of
-          Subversion.</para> </note>
       <para>The following subsections provide a more detailed look at
         the available back-end data store types.</para>

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