Issue 22 in svnbook: [de] Path-Based Authorization: [<reponame>:XXX]: reponame MUST be lowercase

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Tue Dec 16 02:46:21 CST 2008

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New issue 22 by spoilt... at [de] Path-Based Authorization:  
[<reponame>:XXX]: reponame MUST be lowercase

In the chapter "Path-Based Authorization" the syntax of the SVNPath
directive is explained.

Well, nowhere is mentioned that the repositoryname MUST be LOWERCASE (at
least I didn't find it)! As I found out (using SVNServe 1.5.4/Win2003) no
matter how the repository is spelled in the filesystem (i.e. "RePoSiToRy")
you HAVE TO refer to it in the file authz in LOWERCASE characters!

Repositoryname: MySuperProject
in authz:

Please add this to your apart from that great book!

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