[PATCH] typo in src/en/HACKING

Stefan Sperling stsp at elego.de
Thu Dec 4 18:18:06 CST 2008

* src/en/HACKING: Fix a typo.

Index: src/en/HACKING
--- src/en/HACKING	(revision 3365)
+++ src/en/HACKING	(working copy)
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
       short name in the prose, e.g. "use the --revision (-r) option to
       do blah..."
-    - For examples (those in <screen> tags, as we as those embedded in
+    - For examples (those in <screen> tags, as well as those embedded in
       the prose with <command> tags), use the short version, so as to
       be more realistic and get users comfortable with the


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