tree conflicts

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Thu Dec 4 18:15:28 CST 2008


I'd like to add some tree-conflicts material to the book.
I'm not really sure where the best place to put this would be.

I'd consider tree conflicts an advanced topic, but it looks like
the advanced sections are about features that are nice to use if
you know about them, but can be ignored by the novice user
(keyword subsitution, sparse directories, locking, etc.)

Unfortunately users won't be able to decide when they run into
tree conflicts. They'll probably just run into them, albeit not
as frequently as into text conflicts.

I am considering adding a simple introductory example tree
conflict for 'update' to the section entitled "Resolve Conflicts
(Merging Others' Changes)". I'd also like to introduce the basic
concepts of tree conflicts in this section (what is it, why, how...)

The section "More on Merge Conflicts" could contain one or
two more complicated examples for a merge.

What do people think? Does this approach sound OK?


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