Changelist analogy confusing

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Thu Aug 14 11:13:31 CDT 2008

James Kistruck wrote:
> In both these cases adding a small rider right up front, such as "plus
> your local changes - see later" or "though at the moment you are
> restricted to one tag per file" would have helped me.  As it was, I
> immediately went back to other parts of the book to check my
> understanding before I read on to the bit that explained the limitation
> / clarified the simple statement.
> But hey, I haven't written a book, nor am I an editor, so maybe that's
> bad style :-)

Actually, I find your suggestions to be good ones.  I'll see if I can work 
them into the text before the second edition goes to print.  Thanks, James.

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