post-revprop-change Hook Script Standard Input

Bohmont, Brent BBohmont at
Thu Aug 14 12:43:16 CDT 2008


I have been a long-time Subversion user and have depended upon the
Subversion book for both usage and administration information. It has
been an invaluable companion over the past four years.

While setting up hook scripts for my new Subversion server, I ran across
a inconsistency in the Chapter 9 documentation for the
post-revprop-change repository hook. At the end of the end of this entry
it states that the previous property value is passed to the hook script
via standard input. It appears that this is in fact the new property
value. This is apparently by design and was implemented in March, 2004

Here's a patch to the doc book sources that corrects the entry...all one
word of it!

Index: ch09-reference.xml
--- ch09-reference.xml	(revision 3273)
+++ ch09-reference.xml	(working copy)
@@ -9619,7 +9619,7 @@
         <para>Additionally, Subversion passes to the hook program, via
-          standard input, the previous value of the property.</para>
+          standard input, the new value of the property.</para>
Thanks again for all of your effort documenting Subversion.

Brent Bohmont
Kastle Systems, LLC

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