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cmpilato noreply at red-bean.com
Fri Aug 8 11:49:55 CDT 2008

Author: cmpilato
Date: Fri Aug  8 11:49:54 2008
New Revision: 3259

* src/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
  Rework helpful table to a) not have trailing periods in the left
  column, and b) use proper tagging in the right one.


Modified: trunk/src/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
--- trunk/src/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml	Fri Aug  8 11:49:54 2008
@@ -3151,83 +3151,83 @@
-            <entry>Create a branch or tag.</entry>
-            <entry>svn copy URL1 URL2</entry>
+            <entry>Create a branch or tag</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn copy <replaceable>URL1</replaceable> <replaceable>URL2</replaceable></userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Switch a working copy to a branch or tag.</entry>
-            <entry>svn switch URL</entry>
+            <entry>Switch a working copy to a branch or tag</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn switch <replaceable>URL</replaceable></userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Synchronize a branch with trunk.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge trunkURL;  svn commit</entry>
+            <entry>Synchronize a branch with trunk</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge <replaceable>trunkURL</replaceable>; svn commit</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>See merge history or eligible changesets.</entry>
-            <entry>svn mergeinfo target [--from-source=URL]</entry>
+            <entry>See merge history or eligible changesets</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn mergeinfo target --from-source=<replaceable>URL</replaceable></userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Merge a branch back into trunk.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge --reintegrate branchURL;  svn commit</entry>
+            <entry>Merge a branch back into trunk</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge --reintegrate <replaceable>branchURL</replaceable>; svn commit</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Merge one specific change.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge -c REV URL;  svn commit</entry>
+            <entry>Merge one specific change</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge -c <replaceable>REV</replaceable> <replaceable>URL</replaceable>; svn commit</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Merge a range of changes.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge -r REV1:REV2 URL;  svn commit</entry>
+            <entry>Merge a range of changes</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge -r <replaceable>REV1</replaceable>:<replaceable>REV2</replaceable> <replaceable>URL</replaceable>; svn commit</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Block a change from automatic merging.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge -c REV --record-only URL;  svn commit</entry>
+            <entry>Block a change from automatic merging</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge -c <replaceable>REV</replaceable> --record-only <replaceable>URL</replaceable>; svn commit</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Preview a merge.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge URL --dry-run</entry>
+            <entry>Preview a merge</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge <replaceable>URL</replaceable> --dry-run</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Abandon merge results.</entry>
-            <entry>svn revert -R .</entry>
+            <entry>Abandon merge results</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn revert -R .</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Resurrect something from history.</entry>
-            <entry>svn copy URL at REV local-path</entry>
+            <entry>Resurrect something from history</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn copy <replaceable>URL</replaceable>@<replaceable>REV</replaceable> <replaceable>localPATH</replaceable></userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Undo a committed change.</entry>
-            <entry>svn merge -c -REV URL;  svn commit</entry>
+            <entry>Undo a committed change</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn merge -c -<replaceable>REV</replaceable> <replaceable>URL</replaceable>; svn commit</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Examine merge-sensitive history.</entry>
-            <entry>svn log -g;  svn blame -g</entry>
+            <entry>Examine merge-sensitive history</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn log -g; svn blame -g</userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Create a tag from a working copy.</entry>
-            <entry>svn copy . tagURL</entry>
+            <entry>Create a tag from a working copy</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn copy . <replaceable>tagURL</replaceable></userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Rearrange a branch or tag.</entry>
-            <entry>svn mv URL1 URL2</entry>
+            <entry>Rearrange a branch or tag</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn mv <replaceable>URL1</replaceable> <replaceable>URL2</replaceable></userinput></entry>
-            <entry>Remove a branch or tag.</entry>
-            <entry>svn rm URL</entry>
+            <entry>Remove a branch or tag</entry>
+            <entry><userinput>svn rm <replaceable>URL</replaceable></userinput></entry>

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