"404 not found" in German version

Holger Stratmann tigris at finch.de
Fri Apr 4 08:17:58 CDT 2008

Hi everybody,

a few days ago, I just wanted to do a quick lookup on my beloved 
http://svnbook.red-bean.com/ and was very frustrated when all the links 
simply returned a "404 Not found". I clicked a couple of times and then 
gave up and used an older PDF-version I had once downloaded...

I have now "solved" this problem... well, I discovered that there are 
now different language versions and the German version just isn't 
available yet. So maybe the whole thing was my fault, BUT ...

BUT ... I haven't done anything to select the German version, my browser 
and Apache kindly did that for me.
So for me, a page that had always worked was suddenly broken... You 
actually have to read almost the entire page to see the reason for the 
problem and the solution. I hadn't even realized that the page is now in 
a different language ;-)))

I think this really isn't a good "status quo". As long as translations 
aren't available, the links to

should either point to the English version or at least display a hint 
like "Die deutsche Übersetzung ist noch nicht verfügbar. Bitte nutzen 
Sie so lange weiterhin die [link] englische Version [/link]"...
(German not yet done, please use English for now...)

This would help to avoid some confusion...

Kind regards,


P.S.: I expect the German version to always trail behind the English 
version. I'd like to have links to the corresponding English sections on 
the German pages... (don't know if this is currently planned)

                      ('O O')
Holger Stratmann

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