Please clarify hooks

Auke Booij auke.booij at
Wed Oct 10 09:44:32 CDT 2007

Hello svn pepz,

I've recently tried to set up hooks for my server, in particular a
post-commit hook. It took me days to find out that I had to rename
post-commit.tmpl to post-commit in the hooks/ directory. I read the
complete text in the post-commit.tmpl file (though I have to forgive
that I did not exactl read everything in the book), which suggested that
THAT file was executed and not a post-commit file. Nothing in the
post-commit.tmpl file suggested that I had to rename anything and, apart
from only one single sentence in the svnbook, the same went for the book.
Of course, this is not just your fault, I just had to think a little
deeper and realize that a template is not something actually being used.
Though, it would sure be nice to clarify the complete hooks section. An
example set of files, for example a very basic email or log script, with
the files post-commit and logger (the sh script) given, would be nice. I
personally know how to use chmod, but it would be handy for a lot of
users to explain that they should run chmod a+x myscript.

Auke Booij.

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