Resurrecting Deleted Items with svn cp

Pascal MALAISE malaise at
Sat Nov 10 02:06:27 CST 2007


in page 94 (of pdf) version r2866 the example of svn copy does not work,
at least with svn 1.4.4 on Linux (or did I miss something?).

At that point I guessed I should be in the directory where real.c is
(not in its parent).

The book indicates:
svn copy -r 807 \ ./real.c
But svn replies
svn: Path 'real.c' is not a directory

If I try:
svn copy -r 807 \ .
I get the reply:
svn: Path 'real.c' already exists

Removing the file does not help, got svn: Entry for 'real.c' exists
(though the working file is missing)

The only solution I find is to move to parent directory (or in fact in
any valid svn sandbox) and issue the command of the book:
svn copy -r 807 \ ./real.c

Then move the file to the correct directory
Then revert the copy:
svn revert real.c

Did I miss something?

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