Path based Authorization

Peter Lloyd l-svndev at
Tue Nov 6 18:52:56 CST 2007

[Apologies if this ends up coming through multiple times -- I tried 
sending from an unsubscribed address a week ago, but having had no 
response and seeing nothing in the archives I assume I need to subscribe 
first (and send from that subscribed address...)]


In the section on Path-Based Authorization, 
there is an example using groups towards the end.

calc-developers = harry, sally, joe
paint-developers = frank, sally, jane
everyone = harry, sally, joe, frank, sally, jane

@paint-developers = rw
jane = r

>From my tests with Subversion 1.4.4, the final line "jane = r" seems to be 
ignored. Jane appears to be receiving 'rw' permissions from the 
paint-developers group, overriding her own 'r' permissions.

Assuming this is not a bug in Subversion, is it worth modifying this line, so 
as not to give the impression that user permissions can decrease group 


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