Error in online svnbook (r2799)

Michael Leahy leahym at
Wed May 30 12:31:22 CDT 2007


I was just looking up branching and merging in the online svnbook, and I
found some typos (incorrect command options).

In chapter 4, Branching and Merging > Copying Changes Between Branches >
Copying Specific Changes, I believe that incorrect syntax is used several
times in the examples.

  svn diff -c 344 ...
  svn merge -c 344 ...

Shouldn't those be
  svn diff -r 344 ...
  svn merge -r 344 ...

In fact, shouldn't the '-r 344' be '-r 340:344' or something similar?  My
testing shows that it wants a range for the 'merge -r' pair.

Farther down, in "Previewing Merges", the '-c' appears again.

The URL that I'm viewing is


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