Confusing Example in "final merging procedure"

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at
Thu May 17 12:17:15 CDT 2007


I was confused for a while by your final merging procedure example in
svn.branchmerge.commonuses.html.  You say, quite rightly, "To express
only the changes that happened on your branch, you need to compare the
initial state of your branch to its final state" and you give an example
to find the revision number of the initial state, but your next example

Here's the final merging procedure, then:

$ cd calc/trunk
$ svn update
At revision 405.

$ svn merge -r 341:405

It appears to be doing what you've just said not to, and comparing with
the latest trunk tree.  I guess what it's really going to do is look for
revision 405 on branches/my-calc-branch, not find it, and just use the
latest one it can find.

It might be nice to note that, or put in an example to find the latest
branch revision.

"To err is human.  To purr, feline" 

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