[PATCH]: note that the "binpath" argument to "sc.exe" is confusing

Eric Hanchrow offby1 at blarg.net
Tue May 15 13:41:29 CDT 2007

 * src/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
   (svn.serverconfig.svnserve): note that the "binpath" argument to
   "sc.exe" is confusing

    --- ch06-server-configuration.xml	(revision 1896)
    +++ ch06-server-configuration.xml	(local)
    @@ -668,6 +668,12 @@
             start= auto

    +        <para>Also note that the word <literal>binpath</literal> is
    +        misleading—its value is a <emphasis>command
    +        line</emphasis>, not the path to an executable; that's why you
    +        need to surround it with quote marks if it contains embedded
    +        spaces.</para>
             <para>Once the service is defined, it can stopped, started, or
               queried using standard GUI tools (the Services
               administrative control panel), or at the command line as

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