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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Mon Mar 5 15:49:59 CST 2007

bob.knox at wrote:
> Forgive me if one already exists, and I just haven’t seen it.  However,
> as I’m getting frustrated today as subversion is routinely exiting (with
> error) whilst checking out large directories, I wouldn’t mind some
> information or tips on dealing with known subversion “issues” or at
> least how to debug them.

Robert, we've intentionally stopped mirroring the Subversion FAQ in the
book, and instead try to scatter some very basic troubleshooting information
throughout the book in informational sections relevant to the situation.

First-level troubleshooting for Subversion is usually self-obtainable using
the community-maintained FAQ ( and by
Googling through mailing list archives for conversations around similar
problems other folks have had.  For more in-depth help, though, no static
document -- even a book -- is going to help, and you're encouraged to
interact directly with the Subversion users@ mailing list folk, or with a
company (such as CollabNet) that offers paid support around Subversion.

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