Compliments on svnbook

William Case billlinux at
Sat Mar 24 12:34:12 CDT 2007


I usually don't take the time to send compliments on projects to the
(We should all do that more frequently -- especially in the Open Source
community)  However, I have just finished reading and learning about
subversion through your online svnbook and feel compelled to add my

As a relative newcomer to Linux (2 1/2 years ago) your tutorial / manual
is the best by far presentation of how to use an application I have

I would like to complement your writers on the good use of several
stylistic usages and can only wish that other computer application
manual writers used them as well as they did.  For example:

      * Effective use of the Aristotelian  "say what you are going to
        say, say it; say what you have said".  I never lost track of
        where I was going or why.
      * Effective and clear use of examples and the graphic framework
        that went with them.
      * The polished way in which you (and I the reader) was able to
        transition between technical language and plain (English)
      * Short, to-the-point, explanations of why things were done a
        certain way.
      * Briefly covering best practises so that a new user need not feel
        they might embarrass themselves by revealing just how new they
        are because of their beginner's gaffs.

I could add more.  Just let me finish by saying that when I came to the
end of reading about the rather complex and specialized tool,
subversion, I felt for the first time after reading a computer manual,
confident and ready to go. 

Regards Bill

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