[SvnBook] #30: Doc about changing log messages is somewhat unclear

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#30: Doc about changing log messages is somewhat unclear
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 The doc about how to change log messages is not as good as it could be.

 The section svn.reposadmin.maint.setlog makes an irrelevant reference to
 the post-revprop-change hook, when only the pre-revprop-change hook
 matters. Also, it refers to svnadmin setlog, which probably ought to be
 considered obsolete. The reference to losing information permanently hint
 around the issue, but would benefit from being less oblique.

 The user-oriented section is within the section about working with
 properties - which is fine, but makes it unfindable to someone who does
 not already know that a log message is a property. It would be nice for
 there to be an additional stub section of chapter 3 to lead a user
 scanning the book's contents to the proper section.

 Also, the link from the user-oriented section to the admin section points
 to the generic hook section, instead of pointing to the specific section
 about log message changes.

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