confusing "svn diff -c ..." switch

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Wed Jun 27 19:01:34 CDT 2007

Did you try running 'svn help diff'?  :-)

Yes, it's a new switch in the nightly svn 1.4 book.  And yes, it's not
yet documented in the reference chapter of the book... that's why it's
a 'nightly build', and not a tagged, complete work.

The question I might ask you is:  why are you busy translating a
moving target?  :-)

On 6/15/07, Alexander Zaychenko <pofigator at> wrote:
> Dear Developers,
> Please clarify the confusing "-c" switch to the svn diff command mentioned
> in:
> XML source in the trunk says the same. Track returned me no issues
> associated with this part of documentation.
> Semantically it might be guessed that it is mistyped revision switch "-r"
> but I might be mistaken because it consistently mentioned all over the page
> as well in other page here:
> and here:
> May be it is bleeding-edge feature that is not doccumented here:
> but used in examples.
> Please advise.
> Thank you,
> Alex
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