Conflict handling for non-text files

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Tue Jul 10 07:09:59 CDT 2007

This from Auke Jilderda <auke at> in private correspondence:

When generating a conflict with a binary file (PDF), my TortoiseSVN does
not behave as the book describes [1]:

    So, for versioned files whose svn:mime-type property is set to a
    non-textual MIME type (generally, something that doesn't begin with
    text/, though there are exceptions), Subversion does not attempt to
    perform contextual merges during updates. Instead, any time you have
    locally modified a binary working copy file that is also being
    updated, your file is renamed with a .orig extension, and then
    Subversion stores a new working copy file that contains the changes
    received during the update, but not your own local modifications, at
    the original filename.

Instead, it does the following:
- it leaves the original file with my local modifications
- it generates two temporary files (.oldrev and .newrev), the former
  without either changes and the latter with the received changes.

The latter seems more in line with how other conflicts are handled but
it seems this section of the book needs to be updated?


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