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Malte Helmert helmert at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Jan 3 14:30:55 CST 2007

cmpilato wrote:

> +    <para>The perceptive reader is probably wondering at this point if
> +      the peg revision syntax causes problems for working copy paths
> +      or URLs that actually have ampersand characters in them.  After
> +      all, how does <command>svn</command> know whether
> +      <literal>news at 11</literal> is the name of a directory in my
> +      tree, or just a syntax for <quote>revision 11 of
> +      <filename>news</filename></quote>?  Thankfully, while
> +      <command>svn</command> will always assume the latter, there is a
> +      trivial workaround.  You need only append an ampersand to the
> +      end of the path, such as <literal>news at 11@</literal>.
> +      <command>svn</command> only cares about the last ampersand in
> +      the argument, and it is not considered illegal to omit a literal
> +      peg revision specifier after that ampersand.  This workaround
> +      even applies to paths that end in an ampersand—you would
> +      use <literal>filename@@</literal> to talk about a file named
> +      <filename>filename@</filename>.</para>

That shouldn't be "ampersand" there, as ampersand = "&"

According to Wikipedia, the "@" is called "at sign", "at symbol",
"commercial at", "at", or "ampersat"
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_sign). I'd steer clear of the last one
though, because the similarity to "ampersand" is quite confusing.


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