Are Subversion 1.3 Online Manuals available?

David Harris dharris at
Fri Jan 12 18:07:10 CST 2007

Is there still an active URL link that references SVN 1.3 manuals?

I've been using links inside, but pages
there now contain only links to version 1.2 and 1.4 versions (even
though the page text says "Nightly Build [for Subversion 1.3]). 

>From the URL of the version 1.2 manuals there
(, I tried to guess a
similar structure for 1.3, but had no luck.

My team uses version 1.3 and I'd like to make sure I reference only
commands and syntax supported by the version we use.

Thanks so very much!

Dave Harris, Marvell Semiconductor, Boise, Idaho


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