[svnbook commit] r2590 - branches/ora-2e-reorg/src/en/book

cmpilato noreply at red-bean.com
Tue Jan 2 11:36:56 CST 2007

Author: cmpilato
Date: Tue Jan  2 11:36:55 2007
New Revision: 2590


* en/book/ch-basic-usage.xml
  (What's in a Name): Minor brain-o fix as noticed by Chris Wagner
    <chris.t.wagner.1 at ohiou.edu>.

Modified: branches/ora-2e-reorg/src/en/book/ch-basic-usage.xml
--- branches/ora-2e-reorg/src/en/book/ch-basic-usage.xml	(original)
+++ branches/ora-2e-reorg/src/en/book/ch-basic-usage.xml	Tue Jan  2 11:36:55 2007
@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@
         locale settings are compatible with UTF-8, and you don't use
         control characters in path names, you should have no trouble
         communicating with Subversion.  The command-line client adds
-        an extra bit of help—it will automatically escape legal
+        an extra bit of help—it will automatically escape illegal
         path characters as needed in URLs you type to create
         <quote>legally correct</quote> versions for internal

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