Ben's review of chapter 8

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Tue Feb 27 02:27:20 CST 2007

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
>> * Broad general comments:
>>   * Whenever a library is mentioned by name in a paragraph, should we
>>     use <literal> or something?  Because we tend to do that for
>>     mod_dav_svn in other chapters.  I wonder if it would make the
>>     library name stand out better as well.
> I intentionally chose not to do this long ago because the text says that
> we'll be referring to the libraries by their extension-less Unix
> filenames.  I felt like that gave me the flexibility to not constantly
> wrap them in "literal" or "filename" tags.  (Technically, I probably
> should be referring to them like svn_wc and svn_client, but I think our
> Unix-default audience would respond better to having the "lib" prefix there.

Having crawled the DocBook DTD, I wonder if I shouldn't use <package>
for these things?

(Also, I've committed stuff for all the other items in the review now.
Thanks, dude.)

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