small suggestion for the English version of the svn-book

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Mon Feb 26 08:45:37 CST 2007

Rob Nugen wrote:
> In the book, I'm reading through the intro as a first time user.
> Thank you so much for the FREE book; I can only imagine the number of
> hours it's taken to compile.
> I'd like to offer my little bit:
> In Chapter 2, under the section Getting Data into your Repository
> <>,
> under svn add, the example uses the abbreviation for svn status.  I
> think it would be better to spell out "status" given that this is only
> the second example in the book.  :-)
> $ svn status
> M      Makefile

+1.  (Actually, we have self-imposed rule that we *always* use the long form
of subcommands.  This one just got overlooked, apparently.)

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