Review of Chapter 6: Server Configuration

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Sat Feb 24 21:29:12 CST 2007

On 2/24/07, C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at> wrote:

> So, here's my counter-proposal:
>   * Overview
>       texty texty
>       feature table
>   * Choosing a Server Configuration
>       intro blob
>       why/why-nots
>       summary (personal recommendations)

Awesome!  I've just committed exactly this, and it flows a lot better now.

> > Maybe I'll just make the fetaure-comparison table into 3 columns,
> > rather than 2, so it's clear that the table is about use-cases, not
> > executables.
> I think your instinct is good.  "Make it so."


> > Ah, good idea, I've renamed the whole section to "Tunning over SSH",
> > since that's what it's really about.
> I hope you mean "Tunneling".  :-)
> But, must it be over SSH that you tunnel?  Could you not tunnel over
> generic RSH?

Yeah, you could use RSH, and that's mentioned as an example in the
custom-tunneling feature, but I feel that it would be too generic to
name the section "Tunneling svnserve".  We've been talking about SSH
as a 3rd major deployment option throughout the chapter up to this
point, so I think it still makes sense to keep SSH in the spotlight
(even if we happen to mention a generic tunneling mechanism as an

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