Review of Chapter 4: Branching and Merging

Brian W. Fitzpatrick fitz at
Sat Feb 24 15:22:02 CST 2007

On 2/24/07, Ben Collins-Sussman <sussman at> wrote:
> I'm confused;  this chapter has had '-r' running through it for years and years.
> What exactly is our policy on options again?  I keep losing track, it
> seems like it changes.
> I seem to recall that first we used a mixture of short and long forms,
> then went super-militant and decided to ban all short forms
> completely.  Then later, we backed off and found a middle ground where
> we decided that we'd use long forms when talking about option names
> within paragraphs of text, but console examples could still be free to
> use short-form.
> Am I remembering incorrectly?  At the moment, I see a mixture of short
> and long options within examples throughout the whole book (including
> your chapter, fitz!)

I thought our rule was "always long switches".  Let's decide now once
and for all and I'll put it in HACKING (there's already a note about
using long subcommands).


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