Are Those Turtles?

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it's about the "Are Those Turtles?" at

The marine turtles bron from eggs warmed in the sand beach. After leave
the beach, in thousands per chest, they go to open ocean and stay there
for long years. Few is (or at least was until some years ago) known about
these period due the difficult to track them in open ocean. Some species
suggest to have long migration movements. After some years, the females
are able to return not only on the same region but the same beach that
they born to leave their eggs. This incredible ability to track the way
back, is what SVN is.

Another point is that from those thousands born, only few survive until
the reproduction age, as in code development, at least for me, I start
with a lot of smal things and the time filter the stronger ones which get
more complex and robust with time.

Due that, I personaly agree that the (marine) Turtle is a good animal for
SVN. I'm not a specialist in the subject, I'm sure you could know more
with one.

This is a great tool and documentation, you have been made a great job,
good luck,

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