svnadmin dump - recommendation

Damon Overboe damon.overboe at
Sun Dec 16 11:00:52 CST 2007

I was having issues finding how to control where svnadmin dump goes to
(i'm what your book describes as bottom-up).

Going to the index of commands at the back of the book:

I missed the comment that it goes to stdout. And moreover, none of the
examples on that page show how to change the output location, and also
show that the results immediately follow the command. (So imagine what
went through my head when all those chars showed up on the screen).

I was able to guess that meant that it was outputting to my screen
instead of a file, but without the help of the forums I was not able
to figure out how to change it.

I did find in the Migrating Data Elsewhere example on this page:
that you do output to "dumpfile" but that was after someone on the
forums pointed that out.

Anyway, referring to this page,,
if you would put an example on that page  that specifically changes
the output, or if you put a link on that page to somewhere that
describes how to change it, that would help.


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