[SvnBook] #87: expand docs on apache high-level logging

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#87: expand docs on apache high-level logging
  Reporter:  sussman      |       Owner:  fitz
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new 
  Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  1.5 
 Component:  content      |     Version:      
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Changes (by sussman):

  * owner:  sussman => fitz


 Fitz:  I did the work of examining the code and coming up with a list of
 exactly what the high-level logging text is for each action.  Can you slap
 this table into ch09 in the 'mod_dav_svn' section?  It would go right
 after our complete list of mod_dav_svn directives.

 Checkout or export:  "checkout-or-export /path r62 depth-infinity"
 Status:  "remote-status /path r62 depth-infinity"
 Commit:  "commit /path r100"
 Diff or merge:  "diff-or-merge /path r20:90"
 Switch:  "switch /pathA at 20 /pathB at 50"
 List:  "list-dir /path r85"
 Log:  "log /path1,/path2,/path3 r20:90 svn:log,svn:author" or
       "log-merge-sensitive /path1,/path2,/path3 r20:90 svn:log,svn:author"
 Lock:  "lock /path"
 Unlock:  "unlock /path"
 Blame:  "blame /path r20:90" or "blame-merge-sensitive /path r20:90"
 Revision-property change:  "revprop-change r50 propertyname"
 Fetching of merge information:  "get-mergeinfo /path" or
                                 "get-mergeinfo-partial /path"
 Replaying of revisions (svnsync):  "replay /path r19"

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