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Author: fitz
Date: Sat Dec  8 13:48:24 2007
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Explain why 'svn commit ; svn log' doesn't show your last log message.

This fixes issue #38.

* src/en/book/ch02-basic-usage.xml: I'd rather be sleeping!


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         for those revisions in which the working file (or URL)
+      <sidebar>
+        <title>Why Does <command>svn log</command> Not Show Me What I
+          Just Committed?</title>
+        <para>If you make a commit and immediately type <command>svn
+          log</command> with no arguments, you may notice that your
+          most recent commit doesn't show up in the list of log
+          messages.  This is due to a combination of the behavior of
+          <command>svn commit</command> and the default behavior of
+          <command>svn log</command>.  First, when you commit changes
+          to the repository, only the files (and directories) that you
+          changed are <quote>updated</quote> to the latest revision,
+          so unless you updated a property on your current directory,
+          your commit leaves that directory <quote>out of
+          date</quote>.  When you run <command>svn log</command> with
+          no arguments, it takes the latest revision from your current
+          working directory, which is out of date, so you don't see
+          your latest commit.  The solution here is to either update
+          your working copy or explicitly provide a revision number to
+          <command>svn log</command> by using the <option>--revision</option>
+          (<option>-r</option>) option.</para>
+      </sidebar>
       <para>If you want even more information about a file or
         directory, <command>svn log</command> also takes a
         <option>--verbose (-v)</option> option.  Because Subversion

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