[svnbook commit] r2869 - in trunk/www: . en/1.4

cmpilato noreply at red-bean.com
Sat Aug 18 09:47:02 CDT 2007

Author: cmpilato
Date: Sat Aug 18 09:47:02 2007
New Revision: 2869

Add Subversion book English 1.4 bits.

   trunk/www/en/1.4/   (props changed)

Modified: trunk/www/index.en.html
--- trunk/www/index.en.html	(original)
+++ trunk/www/index.en.html	Sat Aug 18 09:47:02 2007
@@ -73,7 +73,27 @@
 <div id="versionlist" class="versionlist">
-<h3>Nightly Build (for Subversion 1.4)</h3>
+<h3>For Subversion 1.4</h3>
+<li>View the <a href="./en/1.4/svn-book.html">single-page HTML edition</a>
+    of the book (1.2MB).</li>
+<li>View the <a href="./en/1.4/index.html">multiple-page HTML edition</a>
+    of the book.</li>
+<li>View the <a href="./en/1.4/svn-book.pdf">PDF edition</a> of the book
+    (1.4MB).</li>
+<li>Download the <a href="./en/1.4/svn-book-html.tar.bz2"
+   >single-page HTML edition</a> of the book in a <tt>.tar.bz2</tt> archive
+    (~424KB).</li>
+<li>Download the <a href="./en/1.4/svn-book-html-chunk.tar.bz2"
+   >multiple-page HTML edition</a> of the book in a <tt>.tar.bz2</tt> archive
+    (~380KB).</li>
+<li>View the book's <a
+    href="http://svnbook.red-bean.com/trac/browser/tags/en-1.4-final/src/en/book/">DocBook 
+    XML sources</a>.</li>
+<h3>Nightly Build (for Subversion 1.5)</h3>
 <p>Please bear in mind that these versions are works-in-progress: if you
 bookmark or link to specific sections, those links may be invalidated by
 continuing development. If you need a link that can be reasonably expected to

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