[svnbook commit] r2858 - trunk/src/en/book

cmpilato noreply at red-bean.com
Wed Aug 15 10:34:21 CDT 2007

Author: cmpilato
Date: Wed Aug 15 10:34:20 2007
New Revision: 2858

Note that 'svnadmin verify' fails as soon as a problem is found.


Modified: trunk/src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml
--- trunk/src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml	Wed Aug 15 10:34:20 2007
@@ -5347,7 +5347,8 @@
             revisions and discarding the output—it's a good idea
             to run this on a regular basis to guard against latent
             hard disk failures and <quote>bitrot</quote>.  If this
-            command fails, that means that your repository has at
+            command fails—which it will do at the first sign of
+            a problem—that means that your repository has at
             least one corrupted revision and you should restore the
             corrupted revision from a backup (you did make a backup,
             didn't you?).</para>

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