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#11: Mention JavaSVN in ch08?
  Reporter:  maxb         |       Owner:  cmpilato
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new     
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:  1.5     
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Changes (by sussman):

  * owner:  nobody => cmpilato
  * milestone:  => 1.5


 It's no longer called JavaSVN, but SVNKit.  And yeah, as much as we're
 uncomfortable with it, we should mention it.  We should mention it
 *because* we're uncomfortable with it, and yet it continues to grow in
 popularity/usage, because of the increasing popularity of the 'Subversive'
 Eclispse plugin.  Thousands of users are using this plugin, and they're
 not even aware that they're using a "clone" of subversion, rather than the
 real thing.  I think that at a minimum, it's our duty to make them aware
 of this.  We don't need to explicitly bad-mouth SVNKit or Subversive
 plugin, but we should at least use our "best practices" judgement powers
 to warn people about the general lack of bus-factor (and developer
 community) around SVNKit.

 Assigning to cmpilato in 1.5... for the developer chapter, I think.

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