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#29: (Trimmed) comments from Ward Bergmans <ward181079 at yahoo.com>
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Changes (by sussman):

  * milestone:  1.4 => 1.5


 Ch04 changes from these suggestions were committed in r2839.

 Honestly, I disagree with the long comment on chapter 5.  I don't think
 it's within the scope of our book to teach 'fundamentals of unix
 filesystem permissions'.  We say over and over in many places to 'make the
 repository owned by one user', or to 'make the repository recursively
 readable/writeable by particular groups'.  This means one thing in Unix,
 something else in Windows.  It's assumed that if the user is setting up
 and networking a repository, then they should have a basic understanding
 of how their OS works.  If not, they should be having an admin do the

 Either way, none of the rest of these suggestions are critical to the 1.4
 book;  moving to 1.5 milestone.

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