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#14: Migrate [svn]/doc/user/cvs-crossover-guide.html into the book
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 After 7 years of development and 3.5 years since 1.0 release, I'm
 skeptical that the 'cvs-crossover-guide' is useful to a wide audience.  We
 originally envisioned Subversion as a tool to save CVS users;  instead, we
 got billions of VSS users.  Almost every major opensource project that was
 using CVS has long since switched to Subversion.  In other words, I think
 that the potential audience of people who find the cvs-to-svn-crossover-
 guide useful is small and dwindling, so I'd rather let this documentation
 bitrot.  It would be a huge amount of time to finish the document (it took
 me forever to write what's there, back in 2003), and the net gain for the
 book would be pretty small.

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