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#55: Document that Windows naming restrictions
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 Eric Hanchrow <offby1 at blarg.net> wrote:

 Windows doesn't like colons.  This is clearly a shortcoming in the svn
 docs -- they should make clear that, if you're using a mixed environment,
 then file names need to be acceptable to _all_ client platforms. You
 should add a pre-commit hook that checks each "add" to make sure the file
 name is simple enough to work everywhere.  In the meantime, rename that
 file so that it doesn't contain a colon: "svn mv svn://bad/file:name


 But another thing we might want to point out by way of general advice for
 multi-OS-using clients of a particular Subversion repository is to avoid
 names that look like Windows devices ("con", "aux", "prn", "com1", "lpt1"

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