unable to submit svnbook issue

Max Bowsher maxb at red-bean.com
Thu Sep 7 13:45:08 CDT 2006

Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> AFAIK, there's no way for visitors to create trac accounts for
> themselves;  all the accounts are hand-made apache accounts, made by
> maxb.  Ergo, new visitors cannot create new trac issues, ever.

This is correct.

I played with the trac auto-account-creation plugin, but was
insufficiently happy with its code maturity to deploy it generally on

Anonymous issue submission is not an option, since Trac spammers exist :-(.

A solution I've been contemplating is having our trac insert a
non-standard hidden field into the html form, and check for this on
submission. Of course, that operates on the rather large assumption tat
all the automated spam software is too lazy to do a usual GET of the
form, skipping straight to the POST. Anyone happen to know if that's the

If not that, then I guess we need some kind of CAPTCHA solution, or an
accounts registration system that is adequately thorough.


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