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Fri Oct 6 12:48:02 CDT 2006

Hi everybody,

I'm going to migrate our CVS repo to svn at work. I had already used svn a
bit from the client side. So I recently read some more informations in the
svn book which I find very well written (congrats to the writters).

I'm thinking about translating, or at least beginning it, the book into
french, as I'm surprised to see in that no french version has
ever been started :-).

What's the procedure to follow? In fact, I suppose it mainly consists of
checking out the trunk in english version, copying the en dir to an fr one ,
then starting translating bit by bit. But if there's something particular to
know about the svnbook translation process, please let me know :).

Once started, let's hope that some more french people arrive and help me
translate those numerous pages :-).


Baptiste <Batmat> Mathus
BMathus at Batmat point net -
Si chacun de nous a une idée et que nous les partageons, nous
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