Error in "Importing Initial Data"

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Thanks for the reply. I'm running Win XP (unfortunately), and have been
off Unix for about a year, so I'm a little rusty.

This is the only example I saw that uses single-quotes. Other examples
use double-quotes. The inconsistency was a little confusing, but I was
able to make the command work based on the double-quote examples.

It would be a shame if the book had to show only double-quotes just to
satisfy Windoze. Unix users might assume they had to use double-quotes,
which are not as keyboard-friendly. Sigh.

Thanks again,

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Zwicker, Rick wrote:
> In chapter 5, the section called "*Creating the Layout, and Importing
> Initial Data*" contains an error in the following example:
> $ svn import . file:///path/to/repos --message 'Initial repository
> The single-quotes should be double-quotes. If single quotes are used,
> this error message is displayed:
> svn: Too many arguments to import command

On what operating system?  I can see this being a problem on Windows,
but it certainly doesn't seem to cause Linux any grief.  And our
Audience section mentions that "[f]or consistency, the examples in this
book assume the reader is using a Unix-like operating system, and is
relatively comfortable with Unix and command-line interfaces."

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