R: troubles with 'svn commit' command

Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Wed May 24 07:10:36 CDT 2006

Federico Nebiacolombo wrote:
> Hi thank you for your answer,
>                              I agree with you, probably I used a wrong
> password, so I checked mail
> received from Max on 17-3-2006 at 23.46 'Welcome to the "svn-it" mailing
> list' containing the correct
> password: I tried it but with no success.
> I changed the password (with global option) using this link
>  http://www.red-bean.com/mailman/options/svn-it/federico.nebiacolombo%40soft
> eco.it
> change is ok, but the problem persists.
> I'am disperate: I guess that mail list passwd is NOT the one used by svn
> book rep.

The Mailman password and Subversion password are not related in any way.

I've triggered a password reset for you - you will receive a separate
email with the subject 'Subversion Book commit access details'.


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