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Julian Foad julianfoad at
Wed May 17 12:34:49 CDT 2006

Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> On 5/16/06, Woodward, Graeme Kenneth (Graeme) <graemew at> wrote:
>>- provide an obvious 'version' command line option on svn, and information
>>about this
>>in the help system & in the book.
> 'svn help' shows all commands, just like 'cvs help'.  'svn help help'
> shows the --version switch.

In Graeme's defence, yes it does, but "--version" isn't logically a switch to 
the "help" command, it's just implemented like it is, and that weirdness has 
bugged me for ever.  There's no reason why anyone should think of running "svn 
help help" in order to discover the "--version" option; rather, that command 
should tell the user how to get help.

In my opinion, "svn help" should list the global options, and "--version" 
should be a global option (logically at least, whatever the implementation 

- Julian

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