AuthzSVNAccessFile and SVNListParentPath - examples in Chapter 6 are misleading

Martin Curtayne mcurtayne at
Sat May 20 07:30:42 CDT 2006


Firstly thanks for the great svn reference.  However, if the examples for 
configuring Apache in Chapter 6 are followed, it results in an 
authentication error when using the 'SVNListParentPath on' and the 
'AuthzSVNAccessFile' options together and attempting to view a list of the 

To correct the examples in this chapter, the location directive needs to be 
set as follows: <Location /svn/> - note the trailing / after svn (currently 
the examples read <Location /svn>).

Making this change has the side effect of requiring the user to use the URI: 
<server>/svn/.  The URI: <server>/svn will no longer work.

Just to underline I'm not the only one to find this issue, see the thread

Eventually a contributor to the thread also reaches the same conclusion I 


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