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Tue May 16 20:43:14 CDT 2006

   I'm new to Subversion, though have used CVS extensively.
   My first step - determine what version of subversion (svn) I'm using,
so I know
what version of the book to download.  The help options seem useless in 
telling me how to do this.
   So, I take a punt and download the book corresponding to subversion
version 1.3.  
I still can't find anything about determining the version of our
subversion installation.  The 
book doesn't have an index, and a textual search for 'version' naturally
enough brings back
way too many hits to be useful.
- provide an obvious 'version' command line option on svn, and
information about this
in the help system & in the book.
- build a proper index in the "Version Control with Subversion" book.
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